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Beer from the land downunder


It has been reported that residents of Darwin, in Northern Australia are the World's record-holders with respect to beer drinking, being able to down an average annual consumption of over sixty gallons per person!

The Australians began brewing some serious beer in the middle of the nineteenth century, and the brewing industry has grown dramatically ever since. Today, Australia is one of the World's major beer exporters. The thumbnail photomicrographs below provide links to the Australian beers in our collection.

James Boag's Premium Lager - J. Boag & Son Brewing was established on the banks of the Esk River, and has been producing beer for four generations. Using Tasmania's pristine water and top quality malt and hops, this lager is on par with some of the world's finest beers.

Broken Hill Lager - Brewed and bottled by the South Australia Brewing Co., Broken Hill Lager is one of Australia's finest beers.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer - Brewed naturally from only the finest ingredients, Bundaberg Ginger Beer's distinctive taste has made it Australia's top-selling ginger beer.

Castlemaine XXXX Export Lager - Brewed from a blend of two hop varieties and a tangy yeast, Castlemaine is a traditional Australian lager with a delicate aroma and clean, crisp taste.

Foster's Lager - This classic looking lager has a clean and distinctive taste, brewed to have an uncomplicated and minimal character, giving it a dry, light and tangy flavor.

Razor Edge Lager - Brewed and bottled by the ESK Brewery in Launceston, Australia, Razor Edge is one of Australia's many exported lagers.

Victoria Bitter Ale - This golden beer is brewed by Carlton and United Breweries, and has a delightful, full-bodied, hoppy flavor.

St. Louis Premium Lambic
Silly Pils
Super 64
Saison silly
Pink killer
Fuller's London Porter
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