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Beer from our neighbors to the north


The Canadian beer industry has many loyal followers in the United States. Most of the beers produced in Canada are lagers, although some ales are also popular. The two biggest brewers in Canada are Molson and Labatt, together sharing over 75 percent of the beer market in this country. Labatt also brews Budweiser and Michelob in Canada under license from Anheuser-Busch.

Elephant Red - Brewed in Canada using only European hops, selected grains and a combination of roasted malts, this red lager has a rich, smooth taste that lacks the heavy aftertaste of most other lagers of its ilk.

Labatt's Blue Canadian Pilsener - Canada's number one selling beer, Labatt Blue is brewed from aromatic german hops to give it a well-balanced, spicy flavor with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Labatt Ice Beer - Produced using a special blend of selected North American and European aromatic hops, Labatt Ice was the first ice brewed beer, fermented at subzero temperatures for a smooth, full flavor.

La Fin Du Monde - Produced in the Canadian brewery Unibroue, La Fin Du Monde uses choice hops and malts to produce a fruity malt taste, with a zesty bitterness rounding out this well-balanced strong ale.

Maudite - This rich, sweet malt is a strong bottle-conditioned beer, having a very spirit-like quality with a hint of medicinal about it.

Molson Canadian Beer - Brewed using crystal clear water, choice hops and malted barley to produce a beer with a clear, crisp taste.

Molson Light - Fermented to be lighter in alcohol while retaining the same crisp taste, Molson Light is brewed with the same crystal clear water, fine hops and malted barley as the other fine Molson products.

Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer - Brewed in Saint John, New Brunswick, Moosehead has been brewing since 1867 and is sold in countries all over the world.

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