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Beer from south of the border


Mexican beers have had to compete with the traditional drinks tequila and mescal, both of which are made from the same plant, the agave cactus. Today there are six major breweries in Mexico that produce a spectrum of tasty beverages.

Bohemia Beer - Originally launched into the market at the turn of the century, Bohemia Beer is a premium lager with a reputation for quality.

Carta Blanca - Offering a golden refreshing taste, Carta Blanca has achieved more history and tradition than any other beer in Mexico.

Chihuahua - Brewed by Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua beer is one of the fine beers produced in Monterrey, N. I. Mexico.

Corona Extra - The flagship beer for Grupo Modelo, Corona Extra has been the number-one selling beer in Mexico, and remains as the leading export from Mexico. After being imported to the United States, Corona Extra became the fastest growing imported beer in history.

Corona Light - Created with the same top-quality ingredients as Corona Extra, this light beer uses the purest water, finest malt and best hops to create a smooth beer with fewer calories and less alcohol content than its sister brand.

Dos Equis Amber Lager - Brewed to have a soft aromatic taste, this amber lager has been very successful in the international market as well as Orizaba, Ver. Mexico, where it is produced.

Dos Equis Special Lager - This super-premium beer has been a big success in both Mexico and the international market, and has a soft golden aromatic taste of a lager beer.

Modelo Especial - This special pilsner maintains the traditional taste of cerveza, and has won various awards with several sanctioned publications.

Negra Modelo Dark Beer - This dark lager from one of Mexico's oldest breweries has a sweet, creamy flavor with a slightly chocolate aftertaste.

Pacifico Clara Cerveza - A brilliant gold beer with a slightly hoppy, yet full flavored taste.

Sol - A traditional Spanish beer, Sol has captured both the Mexican and International market with its light flavor, exciting aroma, and flavor of malt.

Tecate Cerveza - First brewed in 1944, Tecate Cerveza is a lager beer with an aroma of malt and hops, and a delicate balance in its taste. After receiving numerous awards in international exhibitions, Tecate was endorsed the world over through the preference of consumers.

Tecate Light Premium - This lager-type beer was first introduced into Latin America, and has used its modern image and full taste to win a special place in the international beer market.

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