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Эксклюзивное коллекционное винтажное пиво-Fuller`s Vintage Ale 2009 от пивоварни Fuller`s!


Пиво- весьма крепкое. 8,5% алкоголя. Плотностьне меньше 20%. Аромат фруктовый, элевый. Вкус горьковатый, виноградный. Очень маслянистое, и обволакивающее. Напоминающее хороший портвейн.Вкус очень мощный, насыщенный. Послевкусие горьковатое, хмелевое (используется два вида хмеля Челенджер и Нортдаун) .

Tasting Notes
Vintage Ale 1997
Brewed on 18th May and 22nd July 1997 this is the first in the portfolio of Vintage Ales. Dark in appearance, the taste is almost brandy like with a hint of fruitiness in the aroma.
Vintage Ale 1998
The second in the series, this Vintage Ale was based on a Champion theme with the addition of Champion Alexis malt and Champion Northdown aroma hops. The result is a sweet, warming, creamy ale that is beautifully balanced.
Vintage Ale 1999
The Champion theme was used once again for this classic Vintage Ale with Champion Fuggles and Champion Optic malt. Slightly redder in appearance, this ale is full of body with a sherry-like flavour.
Vintage Ale 2000
85,000 bottles of Vintage Ale were produced with an organic theme, using Champion Optic Malt and Organic Target Hops. A fresh hop aroma with notes of honey and toffee, leads to a slightly sweeter taste and burnt, bitter aftertaste.
Vintage Ale 2001
Only 30,000 bottles were produced and packaged of this ‘back to tradition’ based brew. Maris Otter malted barley malt was used to create this wonderful golden ale that delivers a lingering bitterness full of flavour.
Vintage Ale 2002
As the year of the Golden Jubilee the golden theme was applied to this special commemorative Vintage Ale. Goldings hops and Golden Promise malt were used to produce this copper coloured ale with a fruity, orange peel aroma and a spicy, satisfying taste.
Vintage Ale 2003
50,000 bottles were brewed using a traditional recipe of Target, Challenger and Northdown hop varieties. The taste is rich with notes of marmalade, raisins and Christmas cake; the spicy hops well balanced with a pleasant bitterness.
Vintage Ale 2004
95,000 bottles were produced for 2004's Vintage, which once again employed a traditional approach, this time brewed with Goldings hops and Maris Otter malt. Distinctive cherry notes are evident, before a warming finish that mellows with age.
Vintage Ale 2005
This Vintage has spicy and peppery notes on the nose followed by a hint of toffee and vanilla. An incredibly well rounded beer, the malt flavours are softened by the spicy, citrus notes from the Fuggles hops.
Vintage Ale 2006
This full-bodied vintage is brewed with Fuggles and Super Styrian hops that create a tapestry of rich, spicy flavours. Orange, citrus and fruitcake notes are all present, and are balanced well with the biscuity, creamy malt flavours leaving a soft and warming finish.
Vintage Ale 2007
A classic Vintage Ale with an aroma which incorporates spicy hop notes with rich fruit character and leads on to a very full malty, fruity, sweet palate which has a surprisingly clean finish coupled with a matching bitterness.
Vintage Ale 2008
Our 12th Vintage features two of our favourite English hop varieties, Northdown and Challenger. These, combined with floor malted Maris Otter malt, produce a rich fruit aroma laced with dark orange hop notes. A full luxurious mouthfeel is finished off with a satisfying alcohol warmth.


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