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Джессика Честейн и Джей Райан рассказывают о своих персонажах в фильме "Оно 2" / Русская озвучка

Ещё больше информации о проекте ищите на нашей странице в инстаграме -- @anvi_voice и в паблике во Вконтакте: ...

It Chapter Two stars Jay Ryan & Jessica Chastain - extended interview | Sunrise

Kathryn Eisman chats to Jessica Chastain and Jay Ryan about their roles in the It sequel. Get the latest news ...

Jay Ryan | Food Glorious Food!

This video was inspired by Vincent's measuring spoon cereal eating antics in this weeks episode. (It was Jay's idea apparently ...

Jay Ryan Family: Wife and Daughter

Jay Bunyan, more known as Jay Ryan drew his first breath in New Zealand, in 1981. At the age of 10, he moved with a family to ...

Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan on 'Beauty and the Beast'

The two stars of CW's new series describe their show as a modern day Beauty in the Beast based in New York City. Jay also ...

Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan - Krisjay (2)

Now that KK is single... ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!! And BTW, having a kid, does NOT mean you have a Girlfriend/ Wife!

Jay Ryan + Kristin Kreuk || We'll Shine Together

Please enjoy :) I like this one. If you don't watch Beauty and the Beast, please do so! You're missing out! These two display a ...

Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk | Mad Love [Season 2 Bloopers]

Before I say anything, I want to thank my partner in crime and ships, Liz! :D This one is for you! PLEASE thank her as well and to ...

Интервью с Джеем Райаном (RUS SUB)

Перевод и тайминг: Serena Специально для http://beauty-and-the-beast.ru.

The Project NZ (Jay Ryan)

Jay Ryan talks - IT Chapter 2 🤡

Jay Ryan’s Dad Prepared Him For A Life In Horror - CONAN on TBS

Thanks to a family tradition called "Friday Night Frights," Jay was very prepared for his role in "IT Chapter Two." More ...

Джей Райан (Jay Ryan) (Дата рождения)

Джей Райан (Jay Ryan) (Дата рождения) Имя на родном языке: Jay Ryan. Карьера: Актер, Продюсер. Рост: 185 см.

Jay Ryan The Morning Show

Перевод и тайминг: Serena Специально для http://beauty-and-the-beast.ru.

♥ Happy Birthday Jay Ryan || You're My Star ♥

Thanks for watching this! ♥ Twas another looooooonggg labour of love for my Beast babe ~ yes it features loads of Vincent Keller ...

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