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Как сложилась Судьба этих Актрис? Софи Марсо/Сара Мишель Геллар/Дениз Ричардс и другие

Выпуск №3. Где сейчас, чем занимаются и как поживают звездные актрисы. 00:00 Алисия Сильверстоун 01:42 Мишель...

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Treat Me Like A Lady - Only Appearance

Sarah Michelle Gellar insists several times that Craig Ferguson remembers to treat her like a lady, but she is being humorous ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Freddie Prinze Jr. Shows Son ‘Buffy’ Scenes To Prove Girls Can Fight

Not everyone can say their mom is a superhero, but Rocky Prinze sure can! Sarah Michelle Gellar sat down with Access ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Interview Daily Show with John Stewart October 27 1999

Sarah Michelle Gellar Interview Daily Show with John Stewart October 27th, 1999. Watch this awesome interview with Sarah ...

Why Hollywood Won't Cast Sarah Michelle Gellar Anymore

If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper In the late '90s, Sarah Michelle Gellar was in command of both ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Jonathan Ross Interview Part 1

"Friday Night With Jonathan Ross" - UK - Oct. 27, 2004.

Sarah Michelle Gellar documentary (2002)

Jules Asner interviews Sarah Michelle Gellar in this 2002 documentary about her acting career. Includes interview clips with Seth ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar ♕ Transformation From 04 To 41 Years OLD


Sarah Michelle Gellar Monologue: Vampires - Saturday Night Live

Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: http://j.mp/1bjU39d Monologues: http://j.mp/185oegA SEASON 28: http://j.mp/14KzakX Sarah ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Monologue: Hit on the Host - Saturday Night Live

Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: http://j.mp/1bjU39d Monologues: http://j.mp/18AYuVG SEASON 24: http://j.mp/15TeE2j Sarah ...

Girl Talk - Part 1 - Sarah Michelle Gellar - 1989

A short-lived tv show that was a televised version of teen magazines. Three regular hostesses who talked about girl issues such ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy Bloopers Forgets Lines on Set of Buffy Vampire Slayer Compilation

A series of rare clips of Sarah Michelle Gellar bloopers on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Extremely funny with a touch of aww ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Teen Choice Awards 2001

Michelle Trachtenberg presents SMG with the Extraordinary Achievement Award at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Advert Commercial Compilation

A video showing several commercials that Sarah Michelle Gellar has been in from the 1980s to the 2010s.

2016.12.09 - Интервью Сары Мишель Геллар о начале своей карьеры для E! News (рус. субтитры)

Перевод и субтитры выполнены специально для групп вконтакте: vk.com/angeldavid vk.com/sarah_michelle_gellar.

David Boreanaz & Sarah Michelle Gellar | Bangel Captains 1997 - 2019

Their relationship transcends everything - Joss Whedon.

CINDERELLA vs BELLE: Princess Rap Battle (Sarah Michelle Gellar & Whitney Avalon)

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